Spending on business visits to London has totalled over £3 billion in the UK since 2015. So it presents an excellent opportunity for property owners in the short term rental marketplace.

Making your property ‘business ready’, whilst not essential, is a great way to fill up gaps in your calendar, boosting your occupancy levels and ultimately your profits. Business guests will traditionally travel during the week (which generally see lower occupancy levels than the weekend) and travel all year round (helping out in the lower seasons). So if your home is ready for the business traveller – your off peak times will pick up much needed business.

The business traveler is also a much more loyal customer than your leisure guest. This is because business guests don’t want to spend hours looking for a place to stay. If they have stayed in a place that they liked and it was suitable for there needs before, it is more than likely they’ll keep coming back.

A few tips to attract those weekday business guests.

Setting up a workstation
A workstation is great space for your business guest – if you have an unused corner of a room or perhaps a spare room. The essentials that they will need is a comfy office chair, desk and good lighting. It is of course beneficial to have extra rooms as spare bedrooms, but it’s definitely possible to be clever with your design. Consider buying versatile furniture where beds can be stored away.

In 2019, everyone needs WiFi. The vast majority of business travellers will need access to the internet at the property and won’t stay at property that doesn’t offer a good internet connection. Ensure that you get fast and stable internet in your home; from past experience Your AirHost can guarantee that a bad internet connection is enough to not only get a negative mark on your reviews but will also be a major factor in not capturing returning and regular visits from a business customer.

Top tip – also keep an ethernet cable readily available for your guest.

Check in and Check out
Business guests often have a busy schedule. They may arrive very late for check in and be out the door first thing for check out. Guests will get frustrated if they are made late for an appointment or flight s consider a lock box for a stress free check in and out.

Booking Platforms
Airbnb is an obvious choice for many short let hosts, however Your AirHost find many of our hosts weekday bookings will come through various other platforms that target themselves at business’ and last minute bookings. Although managing multiple platforms can be more work, try booking platforms like Booking.com for your weekday occupancy and keep Airbnb for the weekend leisure guests.

Want to go the extra mile?
Consider all the little extras that you would appreciate if you were a business traveller. Some note paper and pens are a small charge to you, but would be greatly appreciated by your guests should they need to take notes from a phone call. Convenience items such as a coffee machine, iron, ironing board and hair dryer wont go unnoticed and will encourage return visits.

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