Great reviews on homestay booking sites like Airbnb are undeniably important in the success of your short-term rental business. The reviews your guests leave have a big impact on your Airbnb ranking and the decision of any prospective guests will be impacted by the previous reviews from your guests.

Having a good understanding of the review process will go along way in helping you ensure you get great reviews from your guests and inevitably making your Airbnb rental a success. Guests will be given the opportunity to review their trip after their stay, with questions covering their overall stay to the quality of communication and the cleanliness of your home.

To help you achieve 5 star reviews across the board, Your AirHost have put together a few tips to secure those extra bookings.

Communication is Key
Communication can make a huge difference to your guest’s stay, especially if they are from out of town and new to the area. You will want to make yourself available from the moment they book until after they check out. Responding as soon as possible to any queries will be a big help to your guest and keeping your response rate to 100% will also help when it comes to your ranking. Not responding or leaving it days to get back to a guest won’t leave a great impression.

Make Each Guests Stay Personal
Being friendly and offering that extra little help adds a big personal touch to your space and will leave a great impression even once your guests have checkout out. You can send your guests messages prior to their stay informing them about any local events, your favourite restaurants or bars, even what the weather is going to be like during there stay. Once your guests are checked you can send them a friendly message to make sure they are enjoying their stay and asking if they need anything. Chances are a guest may not even respond at this stage but knowing you are there if they need anything will be greatly appreciated and support a positive guest-host relationship. And don’t forget a little thank you message once they’ve checked out.

Use a Code Phrase
This tip we stole from Forbes and think its a great idea to manage guest expectations. Placing some sort of code phrase at the very bottom of your listing and asking your guest to put that code in their message to you will ensure that they have read every detail of your listing and understand exactly what you are offering. Having your guest know everything about their short let home before they arrive, will reduce the chance of any negative reviews after their stay complaining about your property lacking something that you had clearly mentioned in your listing.

Always Under Promise and Over Deliver
Being honest is really important. If your short let rental is in the middle of a busy part of town, don’t give the illusion that it’s some quiet escape, when in fact it may not be. Obviously you want to highlight your properties best qualities but setting expectations too high only leaves room for disappointment from your guest. If there is a lot of noise in the area, get creative and offer your guests some earplugs. They’ll appreciate the honesty and, in the end, your review will reflect it.

Having 5 star reviews across the board will bring in more guests, increasing your occupancy and in turn bringing you more profit. Running this level of service can be a lot of work so if you need that extra pair of hands to help keep delivering a high level of service for your guests, Your AirHost maybe the perfect option for you.

Your AirHost is a London based property management company specialising in Airbnb management style listings. We offer a full range of services including listing creation and optimisation, 24/7 guest communication and professional cleaning and linen service after each guest stay. Our team are available around the clock for both you and your guests, so you know your property is in the right hands.