A few little homely touches can go along way in turning your property into highly desirable holiday home for your guests. Most Airbnb hosts don’t want to pay over the odds just to rent out their room, so we’ve put together a few budget ideas that can make your guests stay and ensure those positive reviews for your property keep coming.

1. Decorations
Artwork prints and photographs can brighten up your place and bring a stylish and cosy feel to the room. You can find many cheap artwork prints ready to hang in frames, online or in stores like Ikea. Don’t be afraid to hang family photos up to; guests will feel a sense of personal touch and an appreciation for staying in your home.
A little greenery will also help give your property a fresh feel. We even recommend buying fake plants, giving you one less thing to worry about whilst still giving the same feel.

2. Food
Free food is always a winner! You haven’t got to stock up your fridge but a welcome hamper with a few little treats is a great way to welcome your guests without breaking the bank. Even just leaving a few basics in the draws and cupboards can make a big difference to a guest if they plan to eat in. Items salt and pepper and cooking oil, are things your guest are unlikely to bring or buy at the shop even if they are cooking in but will quietly add to your guests experience.

3. Drink
Having tea and coffee is often an overlooked necessity. Your guests will appreciate being able to get that morning caffeine fix without having to get dressed and head to the local café. Ensure milk and water are on hand too, especially if it’s a room you are renting out within your home you are still living, so you’re not disturbed by your guests crashing around in your kitchen.

4. Books
Show off some personality and provide an additional perk at no additional cost by sharing your library collection with your guests. They might enjoy a read before bed and be interested in exploring another literary culture. Another option is to offer a selection of newspapers and magazines for them to read in their spare time.

5. Information
One thing that your guests will really want the most and is completely free is local knowledge. Sharing your favourite spots and things to do, offers your guest a local’s insight into the area and a chance to find some hidden gems. Share your favourite cafe, restaurants, bars, shops, parks and activities in your local area.

6. Communication
A few little messages to your guest can make all the difference. A welcome message when they first book to stay at your property is a nice way to begin your guest-host relationship. A message with some of the information about the property, directions and instructions of how to get in along with some local insights to the area, a few days before they arrive will allow them to plan out there trip. If you don’t meet and greet your guest in person then a follow up message once they have checked in, seeing how there stay is going, will reassure them you are there if they have any queries. And just to round of their stay a message at check-out reminding them of your checkout procedure and wishing them a safe journey.
You can even template all of these messages to save time whilst still giving the impression of a personal experience to your guest.

Your AirHost can offer a fully personalised service to meet you and your property’s needs. Whether it’s help with your listing and communication or you just need assistance with cleaning from time to time, or perhaps you want a complete hassle free experience with our fully managed service covering everything you need for a successful short let rental.

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