If you are a host of an Airbnb in London you will probably already be aware of the 90 day rule. And if you weren’t already aware you soon enough will be when you reach the limit on the Airbnb Platform.

We have created a quick post about the 90 day limit, how it can impact you along with the best steps to ensure you’re still seeing the most from your asset.

What is the 90 day Airbnb Rule?

Introduced in 2017, the 90 day rule covering Greater London limits short stay home listings to 90 nights per calendar year. See what short term rental laws apply. Airbnb also publishes an FAQ on nightly limits.

As it stands the rule only relates to the London area and not anywhere else in the UK. There are however talks of extending this rule and it could come with some hefty fines of up to £20,000, so those of you who ignore, it’s a rule to be aware of.

What else can you do?

There are still options available to you and at Your AirHost, we are able to assist in ensuring your asset is still producing as much income as possible whilst staying compliant with local and UK regulations.

To remain active on Airbnb you can change your listing to a 90+ day long term rental. This option ensures your listing can remain on Airbnb and does not breach the 90 day rule. You will probably note that you will receive fewer enquiries and your flexibility to use the property will also be affected.
Your way around the short let rental rule is to attract medium and long term rentals to your property. This may not be your ideal situation but if managed well correctly you can use your 90 days of short night stays during peak seasons when you can get the highest nightly rate for your property. Your AirHost can assist in listing your property across multiple short, medium and long term rental platforms to help optimise occupancy and revenue all year round.

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