Managing a property doesn’t come without its difficulties especially if you plan to rent it short term. On top of all the traditional long term hassles, you’ve also got to clean the floors and scrub the dirty sheets whilst juggling that with meeting and greeting guests. We’ve made a list of some of the biggest hassles of being an Airbnb host; but if it all just gets too much, you can always let Your AirHost take care of it all for you!

1. Meet & greet
Making sure you are available to greet your guest at the time they want to check in can be disruptive enough to your work and social commitments as it and if they are late, well….! Late arrivals are inevitable when guests are travelling long distances. Transport delays, navigational problems, and language barriers can mean waiting hours for guests. On the other hand it won’t leave a good impression if you yourself are late to greet your guests, and may lead to a bad review. And this is all for one property; if you are hosting multiple properties, meeting every guest in person may well become physically impossible.

2. Key exchange
When your guests arrive, they may be tired and stressed from their journey and will just want to be able to access the property without any hassle. A key box is often a quick fix for this but then you miss out on the opportunity to welcome (and vet in person) your guests, tell them your house rules and share any must see’s in your neighbourhood. You’ve also got companies like KeyNest who provide the option of key pickups from local café’s and stores that are willing to hold your key for you and sign it over to your guest. These can be great alternatively to a key box but again miss your opportunity to greet your guest in person.

3. Damages & repairs
This is often a major worry factor for guests especially if you are not a live in host. Damage and repair problems can be expensive, time consuming and if not handled correctly, can lead to damming reviews for your property. Everything from minor issues like broken lightbulbs and faulty wifi, all the way to floods and fires, it’s your responsibility as the host to be on hand to resolve these issues. Damages and repairs will often be time sensitive and require an immediate response, which in turn can disrupt your day, and end up costing you more money.

4. Screening & security
Knowing who is staying in your property is important for a lot of host’s but not always the easy to really find out. Being too selective with your guests may end up reducing your occupancy rates but not screening your guests at all may land you with a headache later on. Finding responsible and trustworthy people, whilst avoiding troublemakers, you will immediately minimize hassle.

5. 24/7 support
Guests now expect to be able to get hold of you at every hour of the day. Whether it’s a about a delayed check in, the WIFI’s not working or they’ve lost the keys you need to be available 24/7. That could be during an important meeting during the middle of the day or at 3am! Even before your guests arrive you will need to be responding to your guests promptly, around the clock.

6. Cleaning & laundry
Keeping a clean home is imperative for your guests. They will notice if your bathroom isn’t spotless or the sheets don’t smell fresh. Your guest might get along with you but if your property isn’t up to a high standard of cleanliness, then it will reflect negatively in their reviews and will quickly damage you reputation as an Airbnb host.

Sounds like a lot of hassle? Your AirHost can take complete care of everything Airbnb management, so you can have complete flexibility with your property whilst knowing it is generating you revenue in safe hands.