Here at Your AirHost we are proud to support Tutus House in their social enterprise project to help the homeless.

Tutus House are all about helping the disenfranchised to escape the street and providing a path back into work. Their goal – creating a Tutus House community, including plans for a community residence, buses for mobile support and workplaces such as restaurants where the homeless can learn new skills to move into new jobs.

By engaging with corporate partners such as Your AirHost and the wider community, Tutus House will enable individuals they support to break the cycle of homelessness and to find a route back to self-worth, employment and, most importantly, permanent housing.

Tutus House have already joined forces with buses4homeless; an amazing charity turning the plethora of buses, being sold off by boroughs, into temporary shelters for the homeless.

By choosing Your AirHost to manage your property, you too will be supporting Tutus House in their mission to help get the homeless off the street, back into work and into permanent housing.

Want to donate direct to Tutus House? – click on the link below